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The Optimal Property Management System

IMMO Property Management System aims to help you run your residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties efficiently, taking care of the admin, statements of accounts, gatepass, working permits with seamless communication between unit owners and tenants with the administration office.

User and Unit Profiling

Basic Information for each unit owners or tenants profile
Ability to add multiple units to a single unit owners
Assignment of lessees under units being leased by outside individuals or units being leased by the property management office
Dashboard for each user with certain privileges (unit owner, lessee, building manager, building engineer, security, third party suppliers for Laundry and Spa)
Ability for the unit owner and lessee to add his/her credit cards. Linked to any payment Gateway.
Tracking of credit card history in the administrator back-end when added or replaced with another card (Please note, we do not store credit card information and there is a token to confirm that credit card is valid)
Tracking of Gate Pass and Work Permit requested by the unit owner
Filters and Search functions
Graphs representation
Forgot password option
Profile pictures for each user in the system
System is Multi-property not limited to one property
Contract generation for units being leased by the property management office

Billing and Statement of Account

On each unit owner profile, maintenance or admin user can do meter reading for water and electricity and encode into the system before SOA generation
Association dues page on which variables are dynamic and connected to the billing statement
Billing statement automatic generation depending on the property billing cycle covering electricity, water, CUSA, insurance, real property tax, and other variables. PDF Format.
Statement of account generation based on the payments made, and running balance tracking. Excel Format.
Penalty integration for late payments - percentage variable is dynamic in the association dues
Payment options: Cash, Cheque, or Credit Card
Payment history option on the billing statement page
Manual/Automatic sending of pdf billing statement to the unit owner or tenant through email once the accounting department has reviewed it
Dynamic option to add any charges directly on the billing statement
Ability to view billing statements of each lessee occupied in a certain unit

Customer Relations

Availability to internally send a message to the property management office from unit owner or tenant profile
Availability to internally reply a message to a unit owner or tenant from the property management profile
All messages are internal within the application and all information is kept confidential


COVID-19 Health checker for all unit owners and tenants

Parking Profiling

Parking Information for different type of parking if there are available or unavailable
Parking Classification
Ability to add multiple parking slots to a single unit owner or tenant instead of adding it to a unit.
Filters and Search functions
Graphs representation

Services page and Booking services

Online Gate Pass request feature and online approval
Online Work Permit request feature and online approval
Online Gym Form request feature and online approval
Online Maintenance request schedule and online approval
Online Cleaning services request schedule and online approval
Spa and Laundry services request for unit owners and tenants to third-party providers
Tracking/inventory of the items entered in the building. The security guard logins into the system and checks these items as they enter
Approval of Work Permit online by the building engineer and building manager. Establishing paperless process


Admin can add event information (image, description, time, location)
Information appears in dashboard of unit owners or tenants

Preventive Maintenance

Register and Manage Assets
Warehouse Management such as minimum and maximum stocks with average unit price
Store Requisition, Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order
Creation of Task (recurring and non-recurring Preventive Maintenance) for Registered Assets
Management of Procedures and Failure Codes linked to a particular Asset, this information is useful to create a Task and perform Preventive Maintenance to a particular Asset.
Supplier’s Management
Management of Stock Inventory
Detail List of Machinery and Equipment within Building premises


SMS notifications on late payments and bulk messaging on announcements from the property management office

will automate and allow you to control
your property from anywhere in the world.

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